A Cookie for Breakfast!

The time is just before 4am and I am wiping the sleep from my eyes. My rem sleep could not have been more peaceful and for once, the morning birds do not sound like they are choking each other! Peeling my sleeping body from the warmth of my glorious Tempurpedic mattress, I make sense of the darkness and begin my morning routine. Clothes, check. Hygiene, check. Ready to eat, check! Tip toeing to the kitchen, trying not to wake the household, my feet carry me to the counter where my eager hands bypass all communication to the brain and dive right in for the kill! COOKIES!!!

My central nervous system is awake and reacting to the thought of sugar running through my veins! Wait, what am I thinking! I just prepared a delicious and nutritious protein smoothie the night prior for this very moment. I finally take control of the arguing hemispheres of my brain and put the cookie down. I PUT the cookie down.

A cookie for breakfast? Although it sounds devine, I know it will not benefit me in my daily success plan. There is no room or need for a cookie amongst all the ujjayi breathing and exercise induced endorphins of the morning . I shall save it for later as my carefully chosen dessert of the Gods! My life will ALWAYS have room for that cookie, just not first thing in the morning.

My daily success plan starts me off early as I prepare for a morning swim workout at the gym. Being mindful and present while in the tranquility of the pool is always beneficial to my mood and attitude. The scarcity of gym patrons at 4:30am is pure bliss. After a detoxing shower and the locker room to myself, I enjoy some quality time to mentally prepare for the work day and incorporate some energizing yoga and stretching. Having this abundance of time before clocking in at 6:30am is so magical, I feel a unicorn dancing across rainbows is appropriate to paint the proper imagery.

Beginning the day with a peaceful state of mind, a physically exerted body, and the right “pump me up” music is my routine for success. Blending this habit with a daily list of goals and tasks guarantees my best product, whether that be my amount of patience for the day, a new blog for my website, or anything else I might create. Sticking to my success plan is key and I eventually (key word) enjoy the daily challenge and battle that it greets me with.



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