Most important task.  This is what M.I.A. means to me.  How will I jumpstart my website and take the necessary steps towards becoming location independent?  What will keep my motivation strong and make me succeed laterally?  Committing to myself and my goals, and achieving my most important tasks each day will launch my lifestyle forward.


Lifestyle?  What do these important tasks have to do with my lifestyle?  They have everything to do with my new lifestyle of choice!  Becoming location independent is a way of life and work is just part of that equation.  Committing to my website and this 15 day blog challenge is my first important task. I will continue to write about the given topics and stay on task with this challenge. I can already see where I have slacked and how I need to correct that laziness.


I WANT this! Why am I procrastinating my progress? Natalie, I HEAR you in my head telling me to just DO it! I will.  I will continue with this blog challenge and improve my writing along the way.  My website will devour my free time until I reach an accepted level of accomplishment that can then be monitored.  Social media is already my friend, but I will continue discovering ways to maximize my audience and bring traffic to Miles of Moxie.  This M.I.A. will keep me on track towards achieving my goals and beating the procrastination!


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