A cubicle, or a sentence?

Is the human body made to be sitting for eight hours straight with few walking and mobility breaks?  Is the sacrum designed to bend into the chair position for hours on end?  Why do I feel like I am deteriorating? Answer: because I AM!

I AM deteriorating as I sit in this chair.  My lower vertebrae are experiencing degeneration as I fold into this chair position from 6:30am to 3:30pm.  My legs are restless to be mobile and my body craves the outdoor sunshine, fresh air…anything! I am in my twenties and I am losing life faster than ever!  A change needs to come, and now.

My job keeps me confined to a desk all day with a headset in my ear and all other means of communication at my finger tips to fulfill my duties.  I have not been shunned to a dungeon, it’s just the occupation, and I am fortunate to have it take care of me for the moment.  School is still on the horizon, and is slowly showing a light at the end of a tunnel.  Life is fine and I have nothing to complain about, but there is always room for improvement and more adventure!

So why do I feel stuck in a rut?  What can I add or delete to fulfill this need for change?

I have been pondering this for the last week since I have been back from housesitting  in Hawaii and I thought I would start the process with blogging.  Researching new credit cards for my next apporama (see extrapackofpeanuts.com for explanation) is currently providing excitement and eagerness for a future travel adventure.  My travel hacking skills are strengthening everyday will all this newfound knowledge from my travel/digital nomad mentors.  Travel hacking!  It is my newest obsession (since April).  It got us to Hawaii and it will take us everywhere else.  Right now I will stick to my travel research, continue blogging, and keep up with my exercise and yoga.  I know this routine will preserve me for the time being until I can create a big enough change that will rock my world. Patience IS key and I have to stay focused. Here I go.


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