Socal Corgi Beach Day : 7/25/15


Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be surrounded by hundreds of Corgis for as far as the eye could see? Me either, until now.

The time was 8am at Rosie’s Dog Beach in Long Beach, California. One of the first cars to arrive, we paid our $12 day parking fee to ensure all bases were covered. Roo the Corgi sprang from the vehicle eager to relieve herself from the nearly 2 hour drive from San Diego. We were instantly greeted by numerous energetic (to say the least) Corgis that almost licked Roo to death. They were adorned with their lace tutus, doggles (dog goggles), and other humerous outfits, and they made sure to strut their little cotton tail behinds all the way to the beach. Roo, on the other hand, sported a classic and timeless piece from the Christmas Tree Shop in Cape Cod, Massachusetts; a $1 Elvis Bandana.image

After scoping out the perfect spot on the sand, we made our camp of chairs and towels. By 10am the beach was prisoner to the hundreds of swarming Corgis. It was amazing. Short and obnoxiously loud, every Corgi in sight was frolicing through any campsite possible, leaving no towel, water, or snack unravaged. Roo, however, is shockingly well mannered and hardly made a peep all day. Apparently she is used to being the only Corgi in the neighborhood and was quite overwhelmed by her fellow low rider “friends.” However, this did not stop Roo from having the time of her life. She was determined to run, and she did.


Even though the sun was at its peak the festivities continued. From costume contests to Corgi kissing booths, the day was filled with Corgi madness and obsession.


(Note: this is the Kissing Booth. Fact: it cost money/donation. Another fact: We paid $12 for parking, drove from San Diego, and bought food… I took a picture with Roo for free instead.)

Many Corgi lovers who didn’t have a low rider of their own fit right in as The Corgi Paparazzi, and stayed true to their title as they snapped endless footage of the festivities. As the afternoon progressed and the sand turned into white molten lava, Roo found herself borrowing some shade from the neighbor’s nearby umbrella. She brainwashes minds and manipulates them with her cuteness.


With plenty of running along the beach, in the water, to the food trucks, and weaving through hundreds of Corgis, we too became tired and made a shade fort of our own.


I probably should have tried to fit the patio umbrella in the car, but a fort is always more fun especially when it is fluorescent orange! Rock on fort!

Sadly, Corgi Beach Day had to come to an end so we packed up camp and set out for the car.  I carried Roo at this point because Corgis cannot handle white molten lava without the proper paw attire, which she doesn’t have. Corgi Beach Day was surprisingly an enormous turnout (over 800 signed in) and we had a corgirific day! We will definitely return next year with an easy up or umbrella and tons of energy for round 2 Corgi Beach Day! Thank you to all who made this event happen!





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