Winning The Living End Lotto



Yes, that is me with 20 tickets to The Living End show at the San Diego House of Blues on Thursday 8/18/2016.  I won all three contests that I entered, and my boyfriend won both contests that  I entered him into.  It was a magical moment brought forth by the Music Gods of Rock N Roll and I am still in awe that we were chosen to be the recipients of such grace!

Do I always win contests I enter…NO!  Did I hit the jackpot for some reason unknown to man this one time…YES!  Will I continue to try my luck in future contests…OF COURSE!


My habitual routine is to enter the online contests of choice as many times as allowed and as often as I remember, as well as always entering my partner in crime to double our chances of winning.  The rest is left to the Gods of Winning and Luck and I hope for the best!  

If you don’t know this already, I am a concert fiend and I try to attend as many of my favorite shows as possible.  The Living End has been a favorite of mine since high school and I have only had the pleasure of seeing them live once since they are from Australia.  That one and only time was back in 2006 at the House of Blues Anaheim and it was magical!  Fast forward to days before this recent show when I found out I could win tickets- I was ecstatic!  On Wednesday, 8/17/2016, we were notified via email that together we had won (5) 4-packs of tickets, and that some of those winning tickets granted early access to the band’s meet and greet sponsored by 805 Beer.


After the initial shock of the mass winnings (San Diego Reader, Live Nation, Fm 949), I contacted all my friends and family and finally found homes for all 20 tickets (sadly my partner in crime could not make the event).  The meet and greet was fantastic and The Living End could not have been cooler!  Thank you 805 Beer for the complimentary drinks and prizes!  It was a pleasure chatting with Chris, Scott, Andy, and their tour manager and crew.  The Rocketz and The Wild Roses woke up the crowd with their rockabilly shreds and had everyone on their feet awaiting the return of The Living End.  The guys rocked the house with a mix of old and new tunes and left everyone wanting more!  It was awesome to experience many of my favorite songs live again a decade later!

For those that joined me on this amazing evening of luck, I thank you for partaking in a night to remember!  The Living End are a killer band and everyone should check them out! A huge THANK YOU  to Live Nation, San Diego Reader, and FM 949 for hosting the contests!  I could not have done this without you all!

Thank you Steve, Sean, Chris, Scott, and Andy for an amazing night that turned out to be a very special weekend since I was able to make it to the Pomona Glass House show as well! Woooooo!!! You are all rad human beings and I thank you for the experience of a lifetime!

Humbled Winner,

Miles of Moxie


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