Through the Donut Hole…And Beyond

(San Diego Donut Edition)

It is no mystery that San Diego is home to some of the best weather, food, and drink in the country, but did you know we have gourmet donuts as well?

I present to you…NOMAD DONUTS!!!

Since January 2014 owner, Brad Keiller, and Executive Pastry Chef, Kristianna Zabala, have been serving  the neighborhoods of North Park, Normal Heights and University Heights with their “eclectic selection of artisanal donuts” (  Their inviting shop at 4504 30th Street San Diego, 92116 is decorated in vintage maps and books with a direct view of the magical pastry kitchen.  Every visit has welcomed me with smiles and the smell of heavenly donuts being frosted and glazed in an abundance of sugary goodness!

Have you ever considered any of the following combinations? This is today’s menu (Friday 8/26/16), but hurry because it changes daily!  Follow them on instagram for daily menus!

Note: Their vegan donuts are just as delicious as the regular ones.  The only difference I notice is the vegan ones seem more dense, but still taste great!

Courtesy of Nomad Donuts

My personal favorite is the Ube Taro Coconut with it’s beautiful purple frosting dripping all over the mouthwatering recipe that is a Nomad Donut! Just look how it shines with its crunchy flakes of coconut!

Courtesy of Ono Yum

From a savory donut wrapped  scotch egg to a “I swear it’s a churro” crueller, Nomad Donuts does not disappoint with their surprising list of options!  I have yet to experiment with all the intriguing flavors, but I can assure you they have something for everyone.

I am working on sampling all the Nomad flavors, for research of course.


Stay tuned for more about our favorite places to eat, drink, and be merry!

Coming soon: Austin, Texas Music Festival and Food extravaganza!!!



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